MUSIKOS | Μουσικός Collective

Founded by Daniel Knapp, Aaron Lieberman, and Diana Reid

Μουσικός Name

Μουσικός, pronounced as "Musikos," forms the the Greek origin of the modern English word "Music." As is the focus of our organization, Μουσικός also describes an incredible interdisciplinary process. Within its historical definition, it also defines the Nine Muses of Ancient Greece, listed below.

Calliope | Clio | Erato | Euterpe | Melpomene | Polyhymnia | Thalia | Terpsichore  | Urania 

Καλλιόπη  | Clio  | Ερατώ  | Ευτέρπη  | Μελπομένη  | Πολυύμνια  | Θάλεια  | Τερψιχόρη  | Ουρανία