Performance Archive 
An Archive of videos from my past performances, including my solo, chamber, and orchestral performances, and a collection of my own commissions and premieres! 

Upcoming Performances

Aug 8

Meadowmount School of Music
Edward Lee Concert Hall

       The Meadowmount School of Music is a landmark center of music in Westport, NY having hosted up to 200 students per summer in high intensive studies with world class faculty and guest artists. 

       In their last week of performances, Daniel will be opening on Monday Night with Laura Kaminsky's The Great Unconformity. The work was written for Rhonda Rider and Daniel as been preparing it at Meadowmount in the studio of Julia Lichten.

Past Performances

June 11

The Cello Seminar at
Music from Salem
Apple Hill Concert Barn

      The Cello Seminar at Music From Salem is a week long intensive focused on contemporary music for solo cello and cello chamber music. For his 3rd year of attendance, Daniel will be performing Laura Kaminsky's The Great Unconformity as well as Erkki-Sven Tüür's Dedication for Cello and Piano. 

June 12

The Cello Seminar
Hubbard Hall, NY

          The Cello Seminar at Music From Salem is a week long intensive focused on contemporary music for solo cello and cello chamber music. 

          The final concert of the series will take place at Hubbard Hall in Cambridge, New York! Alongside other exciting solo cello works, Daniel will be performing Sage Bond's Unearthed, Michael Begay's Four Coyotes, and the world premiere of Nick Politi's Cello Quintet: Periphery.

May 22

Musikos Collective Presents:
The Singing Crows
First United Methodist Church

        Violinists Amina Knapp and Max Ball, Violist Felix Veser, and Cellist Daniel Knapp come together for a performance spanning between the 14th and 20th century. Bach, Gesualdo, and Woodworks comprise a set of traditional hymns, madrigals, and folk tunes that will be paired with György Ligeti's enormous String Quartet No. 1, "Metamorphosis Nocturnes" 

May 15

Sacred Heart Concert Series
Pantomime and Songs from the Valley 

        As a celebration of the hard work during their second year at Oberlin, Daniel and his twin sister Amina will be performing the grand culmination of their Jury repertoire alongside the world premiere of Evan Judson's new duos for Violin and Cello: "Pantomime" and "Pas de Deux." 

        This concert will be presented as a proud collaboration between The Musikos Collective and The Sacred Heart Chamber Music Series at Oberlin Conservatory. 

Apr 24

Musikos Collective Presents: "Polyhymnia"
First United Methodist

          Finishing off the 2022 Spring Semester, cellists from the studio of Dmitry Kouzov will be performing together at the Oberlin Cello Ensemble! 

          This performance will feature the premiere of two new cello ensemble works: Aaron Lieberman's Four Verses of Shenandoah and Sam Friedman's Wastelands for Cello Quintet, alongside the amazing George Crumb Cello Sonata performed by Professor Dmitry Kouzov. 

        Finishing off the performance will be a grand presentation on Klengel's Hymnus für 12 Celli, performed by the studio of Dmitry Kouzov. 

Dec 19

Daniel and Amina Knapp 20th Birthday Recital
Peters Hall

         Daniel and Amina Knapp will be performing a chamber music filled program in celebration of their 20th Birthdays! In the gorgeous Peters Hall on Oberlin Campus, this performance will feature Daniel's Quartet alongside Amina's Quartet: The Orb Quartet. 

        The program will feature selections from Alberto Ginastera's String Quartet No. 1, Caroline Shaw's Entr'acte, and Dvorak's American String Quartet. To finish off the performance Daniel and Amina will perform the entirety of Maurice Ravel's Sonata for Violin and Cello.

Dec 5th

Sacred Heart Concert Series
"Chillin with Contemporary Composers"

           The Sacred Heart Concert Series is a Chamber Music program run through Sacred Heart Church in Oberlin OH. In this performance, Daniel will perform alongside the Orb Quartet and violinist Jake Berran to come together for a program exclusively by living composers. 

         Three of these composers are Oberlin students—Cashel Day-Lewis, Aaron Lieberman, and Johnum Palado—as their works explore the unique timbres of strings and the organ.

June 12

Knapp Trio at Mount Zion Temple

        Coming out of the wave of the Delta Variant, Daniel, Amina, and David Knapp performed a program at Mount Zion Temple!

          Program will include Bach's Violin Partita No. 2, an arrangement of The Danish String Quartet's Woodworks, a work for solo cello by Reena Esmail titled "Varsha", and finally, the spectacular Duo for Violin and Cello Erwin Schulhoff

Jan 24

Daniel and Amina Knapp Winter Recital
South Hall

Amina and I will be performing a Winter Recital to celebrate the beginning of 2021! This streamed recital will include a premiere of a new duo for Violin and Cello by Bard composer Samuel Mutter, as well as the Bach Violin Sonata No. 1, Villa Lobos String Trio, and the entire Britten Cello Suite No. 1!