An Archive of videos from my past performances, including my solo, chamber, and orchestral performances, and a collection of my own commissions and premieres! 

Upcoming Performances

The Eris Quartet, Emerson

Beethoven String Quartet No. 14, Op. 131

Masterclass with The Emerson String Quartet

Oberlin Orchestra

Principle Cello of Oberlin Orchestra 

Anatoly Liadov - Kikimora, Op. 63

Maurice Ravel - Concerto for the Left Hand

Tchaikovsky Concerto No. 4

Lily Bronson Junior Recital 

Paul Wiancko - A Sanguine Clockwork for String Trio 


George Enescu - String Octet

Performed through The Musikos Collective 

Eris at Bowling Green

Turina - Scene andalouse for Viola, Piano, and String Quartet 

Performed for the Ohio Viola Society with Kirsten Docter and James Howsmon

Past Highlights

Music For Food - Esmail and Dvorak  June 9th at 7pm

Presented through MFF Twin Cities

Reena Esmail String Quartet (Ragamala) 

Antonin Dvorak Piano Quintet in A Major

Eighth Blackbird Creative Lab Finale
June 4th at 4pm 

Asuka Kakitani "Light and Dark" World Premiere 

Wenbin Lyu "Galactic Playground" World Premiere

Viet Cuong "Wax and Wire" 

Joan Tower "Into the Night" Midwest Premiere 

"FOUR" - The rιs Quartet with Malcom Mamba, Florence Gill, and Talise Campbell in Stull Hall

Presented with Malcom Bamba  

Jessie Montgomery "Voodoo Dolls"

Jessie Montgomery "I Want to Go Home" 

Benefit Concert for Syria & Türkiye March 31st at 7:30pm

Presented through The Musikos Collective 

Schubert String Quartet No. 13 "Rosamunde" with The Eris Quartet and Oberlin CMS. 

The rιs Quartet and Orson Abram at The Birenbaum Innovation
March 16th 

North American Premiere of Ben Nobuto's "Serenity 2.0" for String Quartet, Percussion, and Track

Hypersuite in Eb Major 
February 12th in Kulas Recital Hall 

Bach Suite No. 4 in Eb Major 

Witold Lutoslaski "Sacher Variation" 

Laura Kaminsky "The Great Unconformity" 

George Crumb "God Music" 

Paul Hindemith "Langsam" 

Nicole Lizée "Prayers for Ruins" World Premiere 

Oberlin Sound Painting Ensemble 
December 10th, 2022 at Slow Train

Sound Painting Improv, Sound Painter: Drew Pattison. 

Oberlin Advanced String Quartet Seminar December 8th in Kulas 

Benjamin Britten String Quartet No. 2

with The Eris Quartet

Oberlin Orchestra at Carnegie Hall, Concert for the United Nationals 

Adolphus Hailstork Variations on Amazing Grace 

Rachmaninov Piano Concerto No. 2 

Beethoven Symphony No. 9 

Featured Soloist at The Meadowmount School of Music, June 11th, 2022 at Edward Lee Concert Hall

Laura Kaminsky's "The Great Unconformity" for solo Cello

The Cello Seminar, 2022
Apple Hill Concert Barn

Erkki-Sven Tüür "Dedication"

Lauara Kaminsky "The Great Unconformity" 

Sage Bond "Unearth" 

Michael Begay "Four Coyotes" 

Nicholas Politi "Periphery" 

Pantomime & Songs from The Valley The Sacred Heart Concert Series

Evan Judson "Pantomime" 

Evan Judson "Songs from The Valley" World Premeire 

Selections from "Woodworks" and "Last Leaf" for String Quartet 

Davidoff Cello Concerto No. 3 in Em

20th Birthday Recital 
Daniel and Amina Knapp
December 19th, Peters Hall

Ginastera String Quartet No. 1

Dvorak "American" Quartet 

Ravel Sonata for Violin and Cello